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10 Secret Mean Girl Tips

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What is Mean Girls Day?

Mean Girls Day was made in honor of the famous movie and drama and novela and romance and love story. Why October 3rd? The famous scene and quote from Cady, “On October 3rd, he asked me what day it was.” The fetch-est movie is one of the biggest hits of the 2000s. 


Ten Secret Mean Girl Tips

2020 isn’t a year we’re going to forget any time soon. With that being said, Rodeo Auto has put a list of the top 10 things you should do in honor of 2020’s Mean Girl Day. This list will apply to the rules and precautions of COVID-19 so that you won’t have to go out of your way to find out alternatives!


  1. Wear Pink.

Like, duh. What’s a Mean Girls Day if you don’t wear pink?! Pink lip gloss, make up look, shirt, shoes, wristwatch, tie, anything! You don’t have to go full out. Just make sure you incorporate pink into your day! 


  1. Time Reverse Saturday

Yes, I DID just make that name up in my head. Clever, isn’t it? Anyways, vintage is SO in 2020. Wear plaid, cute tight crop tops, polka dots, baggy jeans, skirt, sneakers! Whatever you want, wear it! In honor of the movie, reverse and go back to 2004 style. It’s fetch. 


  1. Cheese Fries

Don’t ruin your all-carb diet and go to Taco Bell. With the right cheese, right fries, and right bacon一wait, no bacon. All-carb. Right. Cheese fries are good, but you’re always allowed to do what you want! Load the fries with bacon, ham, chicken, whatever you desire! 


  1. Bake A Cake.

“I just wish we could all get along like we used to in middle school. I wish that I could bake a cake out of rainbows and smiles and we’d all eat it and be happy.” Make a cake! Eat it whilst watching Mean Girls! Everyone deserves to eat a cake and be happy. 


  1. Go online shopping.

Get into your virtual cars, losers. We’re going shopping. Window shopping or not, we WILL be shopping this year on October 3rd. Being on Amazon or Shein or Walmart or… Walmart… is so fun when you’re not thinking of a price. I just add a wish list to my account and let my heart soar… Oh. Just me? Okay. Anyways, shop ‘til you drop!


  1. Plan Your Halloween Costume

Halloween is too close. Who cares if we’re quarantined by then?! We all know that some of us are still gonna go out with a few close family members or friends (unless, of course, you honor quarantine correctly). Maybe you can go as the inventor of the Toaster Strudel.


  1. Plan Your Christmas Choreo

Christmas is near. Since no one is gonna see us anyways, why wouldn’t we crank out the tunes and learn the choreo in Mean Girls? That’s in case you haven’t memorized it since the year it came out and perform it religiously in your bedroom in front of the mirror. 


  1. Learn Vietnamese

“You should’ve heard what Trang was saying about you…” Words from the wise Gretchen. She suddenly spoke fluent Vietnamese at the end of the movie. She was amazing… from an English point of view. Pick up the glamorous language! It’s interesting and fun and really helps your IQ, whether you need it or not. 


  1. Ask someone close why they’re white.

“Oh my god, Karen, you can’t just ask people why they’re white.” Uh, yes you can. Do it nicely though. Please. Don’t do it to a stranger! 


  1. Rodeo Auto helps you to feel glamorous. 

With Rodeo Auto, the staff makes everyone feel glamorous, Mean Girls Day, or not. With low prices and a low to fair down payment, Rodeo Auto helps you better your credit as well as keep a nice car! When you buy a car with Rodeo Auto, there are benefits. You get plus sides, like free oil changes… details… tire changes? I’m not sure. It’s great though! Call or visit Rodeo Auto’s website to find out more if you’re looking for a vehicle! 


That concludes my top ten activities for today. What are yours? Go over to Rodeo Auto’s Facebook page and hop on over to comment on how you’re going to be a Mean Girl! Remember, try to make fetch happen! Give a fake compliment! You’re lovely!


Signing off,! 


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